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History of Freemasonry!
Freemasonry is the science through which morality is taught by the use of visible symbols and instructive traditions associated with the erection of King Solomons Temple some 3,000 years ago. Like every science and permanent institutions, Freemasonry is built upon certain conceded principles. These include a belief in one living and true God, a relevant of His Will, the resserection of the body, and the immortality of the soul. When we say"One God", we refer to whatever Supreme and Benevolent Being in which a man places his ultimate trust. We are a non- denominational institution, accepting men of all faiths. Freemasonry has ever been the ardent support of religion. It denies to no man his particular theological or secular beliefs, but rather compliments and fulfills those beliefs.

Without an expressed belief in these principles, no man can ever become a Freemason. Acceptance of the Fatherhood of God is the very foundation of the Masonic Institution. From this Fatherhood logically flows the Brotherhood of Man.

The Masonic Fraternity stands before the world today, not merely as a marvelous monument of antiquity, older, larger and more widely spread than any other human institution, but as having maintained for so many centuries the essentials of its primary organization. It has long outlived the circumstances which gave it birth. Originally an association of operative stonemasons and builders, whose monuments of rare skill now adorn almost every part of the world, the hands of time has brought those operative labors to a close.

The everlasting principles; however, upon which our beloved craft was founded, are as intact today as they were when it emerged from the very shadows of prehistory. Thus, over the centuries, as the damnd for builders of physical temples has subsided, Freemasons have transitioned their efforts to building, "spiritual temples" in the hearts of men.

Our ancient bretheren endeavored to erect temples fit for worship. Freemasony's great mission is, and forever shall, be to make those who worship fit for temples.

Since its founding, dynasties have come and gone, nations have been born and buried, and countless orders and societies have been organized and passed into obscurity. Our order has maintained its ancient organization, teaching its lessons of love, peace on earth, goodwill towards man, and is today greater and stronger than it has ever been.

Freemasonry is a broad system of morals and ethics -- a science of human duties, whose principless are accepted by all religions as essential to human excellence. The cornerstone of these principles rest upon the recognition of a Devine truth that mankind has a common origin and a common destiny; and that God is the creator and father of us all. Out of that relationship with deity grows the brotherhood of man.

Freemasonry's great purpose is to intensifty that relationship. Thus, Freemasonry teaches love, faith, and duty, unites man in the strong embrace of fraternal fellowship.
Masonic "Secrets"
There are no dogmas in Freemasonry. Its so-called "secrecy" is confined to simple means of communication. A man is what he does. The Mason's manhood and worth is not measured by wealth, fame or fortune, but by faithful, consistent and unselfish service. In like manner, the measure of worth of any institution is the effect it has upon the individual and society. In Missouri, there are currently over 450 lodges. They are not secluded or secret places, but are prominent and beautiful buildings that are an integral part of the community that they serve. Our meetings are published for all to know, and the great charitable and philanthropic works are widely recognized.
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FreeMasonry in Today's Society
What has Freemasonry given to mankind and society? It paved the way for freedom of speech. It has ever been the enemy of any power that suppressed free thought and the enslavement of the mind. It rejects the bigotry and superstition that erected inquisistions and persecutions of all types; and the ignorance and fanaticism that invented instruments of torture and deprivation.

Freemasonry points out to man that free thought and free speech, and the study of the sciences, are necessary for mankind's mental and intellectual emancipation; that the study of nature brings man's soul nearrer to his creator, and that knowledge drives out ignorance and superstion. It has taught mankind that, after he has emancipated himself from the vices that tyrannize and oppress, he must learn to govern himself wisely by practicing the cardinal virtues of Freemasonry: fortitude, prudence, temperance and justice.

Man is a social creature. As such, our nature compels us to seek the companionship of others. We therefore see our brothers and their families, animated by the same noble purpose, meeting in the lodge where they can feel the hearty touch of the hand, the words of inspiration and encouragement, and enjoy the pleasure, entertainment, and fellowship of their time - honored institution.

While gathered in these great assemblies, we confer our ceremonial degrees, provide relief to the indigent, assistance to the worthy, and administer systems of care to those who are less fortunate. Freemasonry is all of this and much, much more. Beneath and beyond all of these is the deep, permanent pasion for the betterment of the brotherhood of man. Freemasonry, as the supporter of religion, benevolence, and morality places before man the incentives to goodness through the contemplation of the holy principles of devine truth.

The tenets our ancient order are brother love, relief and truth - and first among them is brotherly love. It is the very cement which holds together the social edifice of this world. No one can measure the extent of human sympathy or brotherly love, but we know it to be one of the mightiest social forces of all time, and that without it, life would be a merciless and cruel existence. We know that when there is an unselfish love in the hearts of men, the better nature within each of us responds in kind. It is this kindly spirit of brotherhood, the gentle touch of the hand, and the sympathetic word that brings forth a harvest of good deeds, noble thoughts, and the highest aspirations of mankind.

Freemasonry has ever been the patron of learning. Its votaries long ago discovered that ignorance was the mother of nearly all of the evils and dangerous environments that afflicted humanity; that education dispelled this evil, set free the victims of its influence, and put a smile where terror and dispair had planted sorrow. In its unending efforts to eliminate such human afflictions, freemasonry has perhaps performed its greatest labor, breaking down the walls of religious hatered and intolerance that for too long divided men into apposing sects and hostile camps.

What does FreeMasonry Teach?
Because of the way in which Masonry teaches - confronting the person with symbols and allegory and then asking him to reflect upon them and discover the lessons for himself -it is impossible to list all of the things a man can learn in the fraternity. Masonry is a process of self-discovery and self-awareness.

But there are certain great lessons that, as almost all Masons would agree, form the basis of Masonic philosophy.

Human Beings are creatures of God.

Because God is our common Father, all men are brothers.
The fact of that common heritage is more important than race, denomination, wealth, position, education, social status, or anything else.

Faith is essential to us if we are to be truly free.
Only the knowledge of the Deity in our lives can give freedom.

Each person is entitled to dignity, and no one, for any reason or under any pretext, has the right to compromise the dignity of another.

Each man and woman is entitled to complete freedom of thought, belief, political expression, and speech.
No person, government, or earthly spiritual authority has the right to dictate the thought or belief of another individual. No tyranny, no matter how benign, is ever acceptable.

It is the duty of every person to make the world better for others in every way he can.
No man ever has the right to "pass by on the other side."

It is the duty of each Mason to develop himself, through study, thought, reflection, conversation, and by every means he can find.
We are committed to intellectual, spiritual and emotional growth, and to growth as ethical, caring and compassionate men.

There are two natures in Man -- an animal nature that is the result of our physical selves and a spiritual nature that is a gift from the Deity.
The two are usually in conflict. It is our duty to see that the spiritual nature wins.

Each person has the responsibility to obey the law, and to seek to change it only through legal means.
Only in this way can society survive.

A Mason must know how to keep absolutely confidential the things others tell him in confidence.
Under no circumstances should a Mason ever spread gossip or slander. We cannot be true friends and Brothers if we cannot hold secret the things told to us which would cause pain to others if they were revealed.

Charity is an obligation on all Masons.
And charity is not limited to giving money. Charity means involved compassion, really caring what happens to others, putting ourselves in their place and sharing in their sorrow or hurt.

There is no such thing as a "small" or "unimportant" act.
Every action we take affects both others and ourselves. We never have the luxury of acting without thinking.

Above all things and at all timed, Masonry teaches toleration.
We have seen the results too often in history of intolerance. The most deadly words known are "I know I am right and you are wrong, and I have the right to force you to agree with me." Those words were spoken as men burned women and children at the stake because they disagreed on some point of theology, as Hitler sent millions of human beings to the gas chambers, as foolish, defenseless old women were hanged as witches, and as Stalin wiped out his political opposition. Masonry teaches that each person, each idea must be respected. No one has the right to be intolerant.

There are many other lessons in Masonry: lessons about the nature of the world; about the relationship between people, and between people and God; and about responsibility. Masonry is the study and lessons of life.

The Holy Bible along with the Square and Compass
Brotherly Love, Relief & Unity

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